Responding to a Chemical Spill at your Workplace

Often risks related to responding and managing Chemical Spills at the workplace are miscalculated. 

We work with the product, albeit under controlled circumstances and accordingly don't assess the difference when its pooled on the ground versus its presence in processes and applications at use in our workplace.  For example many of us have fueled a vehicle with gasoline.  Many of us have witnessed gasoline burning either first hand or on a news broadcast.  Under the highly engineered circumstances that we use it, many of us think nothing of its dangers as it has become ubiquitous in our automobile society.  Let us be clear; when gasoline is in a pool on the ground, it is a highly dangerous circumstance and our usual controls (that we have become accustomed to having) are absent.  The question is do we understand the science and application of this knowledge to manage our products or wastes in the workplace when the usual controls are no longer serving to protect us from corrosives, flammables, oxidizers, and other reactive chemical constituents at our workplace.
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