Workplace First Aid Kit Maintenance

Workplaces that choose to maintain the first aid kit with internal personnel will at one time or another find that it, well, falls off the to do list.  All our valued personnel are busy.  It's not that we don't value a stocked first aid kit;  however, its a lot more responsibility than we realize.

Section 6 of Ontario Regulation 1101 states:
the kit must be inspected at least quarter annually, complete with a signed inspection sheet;

In addition to counting band aids, triangular bandages, pins exc. you need to have an inventory to replace these items; so requisitions, petty cash, storing and organizing supplies exc.

Some service organizations will show up at your facility and do a bang up job inspecting your kits while stuffing it full of expensive unnecessary components; although I get it; the model of sending a vehicle and person out to inspect and fill kits is a very expensive proposition.  After many requests by clients for a first aid kit maintenance service we created a simple offering that undoubtedly is a must have for small to medium sized companies.

It's simple; A section 10 (for up to 200 workers) kit supplied starting at $39.95 per quarter.  This includes all shipping and inspections costs.  If nothing is used that is the limit of your expense.  Any supplies used will be invoiced at the supplied unit cost; for example a standard bandage will cost $0.05 each.

Give us a call or use our online request form to find out more.  Those that use it appreciate it's simplicity and value.