First Aid Kits (service & inspections)

 ... are not exciting but you need it ready and stocked. 

And, all while meeting Legislative criteria.

Depending on your workplace hazards (eg. cuts versus burns) you may have interest in a specific product.

Depending on your industry (food industry) as an example you may require a specific first aid product that when used and lost it can be found with the process metal detectors.

Hazard & Industry Specifics

Electrical utilities have a hazard potential for electrical burns; burn dressings are valuable to have in an electrical utility vehicle first aid kit.

We acknowledge that

You want it simple, ready, and durably packaged

First we start with a military designed case;

Waterproof (IPX7), dustproof (IP6X) & MIL-SPEC certified

Lifetime warranty

Then we add the regulation equipment and include items that are first aids specific to the hazard potentials at your workplace.

Need a service to keep kits inspected and re-stocked?

Two approaches - 
Calendar inspection 
Seal Prompted inspection

Utilizing standard workplace inspections; notifying us of a broken seal would prompt us to initiate our services.

Choose either solution
Calendar Inspection
Seal Prompted Inspection

We ship out a fully refurbished, inspected & sealed kit to your location, subsequently we arrange for the pickup of the kit that requires inspection.  We inspect that returned kit and sum up the consumed products.  Inspection fee (includes shipping and handling) plus the fees for consumed products.  

For Fleet Solutions we recommend Seal Prompted Inspection.  Each worker determined during a daily truck inspection would as required swap a spare sealed kit from your inhouse stores and the store manager would notify us to send out a refurbished kit.  

The inspection fee is $39.95 per cycle (includes shipping and handling) -additional conditions apply; contact our customer service for more details.

Contents vary depending on client preferences