Lift Truck Training

Safe Lift Truck Operation Training

This program is facilitated within the criteria of CSA B335. It will provide workers with the skills to safely operate a powered lift truck in a workplace.  Upon completion, participants will be able to recognize the hazards that lift truck operators encounter thereby applying skills learned to minimize the occurrence of the associated injuries.  A review of legislative requirements will also be discussed.

Program design

This course is flexible and versatile in adapting to the needs of participants.  Scenarios are utilized to be consistent with the work environments of the participants.  The delivery is lively and fun, in a non-threatening environment and participants are evaluated and assisted throughout to minimize the anxiety associated with written assessment of knowledge.  Humour is used generously to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, and participants are encouraged to share their experiences.  The application of adult learning principles results in a highly interactive atmosphere.  All of the essentials are covered from recognizing, assessing and controlling hazards.

The focus on learning is to consolidate knowledge that can be applied in the safe operation of a lift truck.  Participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and the group is briefed on the importance of maintaining confidentiality.

Workshop Format

1.On-site education
2.Small and large group discussions
3.Case studies
4.Stress free testing format in a relaxed atmosphere - written and hands-on practice.

Two days - length of the program is dependent on the actual workplace risks;

What You Will Learn
The workshop includes compulsory modules, which cover the following topics:

relevant legislation;
lift truck features;
capacity plate;
pre-operational inspection;
travelling, with and without a load;
load handling;
ramps and grades;
personnel lifting;
elevators; (if applicable)
workplace specific hazards;
shutdown; and

Following the completion of instruction and practice, all trainees shall be evaluated. The evaluation shall be conducted on the specific work tasks and using the classification of lift truck to which the participants are assigned and as applicable to the participants work environment, based on the following items:
(a) pre-operational inspection;
(b) start-up;
(c) travelling, with and without a load (including pedestrian safety);
(d) load handling:
(i) load selection and security;
(ii) load pickup and placement;
(iii) stacking/destacking; and
(iv) handling specific to docks, trucks, and rail cars;
(e) driving on ramps and grades;
(f) personnel lifting;
(g) using elevators;
(h) shutdown; and
(i) refuelling/recharging.